Insurance Solutions for Crew Members

One of the biggest benefits you can offer your crew members is to protect them with the proper insurance coverage. Following are some of the options we can currently offer to crew members. As a client, you can choose which insurance coverage you would like us to provide to your crew members and customize a plan which fits the needs of your operation.

Health Insurance
Our international health insurance plan covers regular doctor visits, medication and hospital visits. The plan applies internationally and offers full access to the providers of the employee's choice. Plans are available to cover employees and their families.

Loss of License (LoL) and Disability Insurance
Our LOL and Disability plan covers the loss of ability to work as a crew member. Our plans ensure continued income for a set period, ensuring the livelihood of our crew members and their families in even the worst-case scenario.
For pilots, the plan provides Loss of License coverage as well as disability coverage. For all other crew members (flight attendants, engineers, and ground staff), the plan provides regular disability coverage.

Group Life Insurance
In the case of death, our group life insurance plan provides a lump sum payment to the beneficiaries of our deceased employee.

Please note: Aviaintel inc. is NOT an insurance broker and is not able to resell insurance to other organizations. The insurance products described on this page are only available to crew members employed and payrolled through Aviaintel Inc.