International Crew Payroll

Our crew payroll service enables you to hire any crew member from around the globe for your flight operation.
All Aviaintel crew members are legally employed in Bermuda by Aviaintel Bermuda Ltd.
All crew members are dedicated to your organization and specific aircraft (if applicable)
A monthly invoice shows all salary charges, expenses and benefits, broken down by aircraft and employee, providing full visibility of your personnel costs with no surprises.


Some of the specific capabilities that provide additional benefits to you as our client:

  • Dedicated crew: Although they are Aviaintel employees, crew members are dedicated to your operation and will feel they are a part of your organization.
  • Multi-Currency Support: You can choose from a number of different currencies to pay the crew members. We can support you without the high costs of currency conversions. Currently we handle USD, EUR and CHF, but additional currencies are available upon request.
  • We can support your organization beyond pure payroll by becoming an extension of your HR department (see HR Services)

Why Bermuda?

Why should you lease your international crew members through Aviaintel Bermuda?
Bermuda has very favorable and flexible regulations for offshore employees.
Bermuda is one of the oldest, most stable and proven offshore centers on the globe.
Offshore employees are exempt from Bermuda income taxes (note: they may still be liable for income taxes in their respective home countries).