Aviaintel Inc. offers the ideal solution for Aircraft Management and Leasing companies, airlines and commercial operators with aircraft based outside of their home country and/or need to hire crew residing outside of the company’s base of operation. Aviaintel Inc. can safely and legally hire crew members and provide them to your operation as contracted employees.

  • Administrative Relief: We help you to eliminate the hassles of payroll and the burden of dealing with international hiring. Easy and quick setup allow for a pain free experience on your and the employee's side.
  • Clean Tax Setup: We are an independent third party whom you lease the crew from. This eliminates potential concerns you may hear from tax authorities and auditors. We provide a legitimate crew leasing service to your organization.
  • Flexibility: We will customize the service to your operation's need. You choose the services required (payroll, expenses, benefits etc.) and we take care of the rest. Need to quickly add more crew or reduce staff? No problem.
  • Simplicity: Everything is ready to go and simple for your operation. Thanks to our predefined processes everything can be setup simply and quickly for you.
  • Cost Effective: The best part of our solution is that you will save time and money. Our fees are very small compared to your overall payroll volumes and you are likely paying currently more for the administration of your crew.
  • Insurance Benefits (Optional): We offer an optional insurance plan to our clients. The plans are available for all non-US residents and US Expats and provide health, disability, loss of license and life coverage.

As you can see, setting up crew with Aviaintel has multiple logistical and legal benefits. It’s a win-win for you and the crew. Combine this with our very attractive pricing and flexibility of the program, and you have a appealing solution for all your multi-national crew needs.